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Scientific proof of lightning said by Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

Publié le 12 Août 2013

The Prophetic Hadith about the straight way in Day of Resurrection is considered to be one of the scientific miracles in the prophetic Sunnah. In this Hadith the prophet says:( don't you see that the lightning comes and back in an eye blink) [Narrated by Muslim] .
there is complete identification between our prophet saying and the most recent discovery concerning the lightning flash as scientists had found that the lightning flash happens when a ray of lightning get out of the cloud toward the ground and back again to the cloud! In that Hadith a sign that prophet

Mohamed (Peace be upon him) talked very carefully about phases of the lightning, and also he determined the time as it is the time of an eye blink!

Scientists had found that lightning has many phases and the most important phases are going down phase and going back phase. Time of the lightning flash is 25 Fraction of a second and this is the same as time of eye blink, isn't this the same as what prophet Mohamed said 140
0 years ago?

Scientific proof of lightning said by Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
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